Which of these personal routines are you working on?

Anna Saucier Business Growth

One of the major shifts I’ve needed to make as an entrepreneur are in personal routines. This is something I’ve definitely struggled with, so I’ve continually had to work to refine and edit for what makes sense for me.

Why personal routines?

Because doing great things is much less about what you DO, and much more about who you ARE.

You won’t reach new heights by doing what you’ve always done.

If your goals are aggressive (and I’d argue that they SHOULD be,) then they should push you to become ever more the person that you were created to be.

And becoming the person you were created to be does not happen overnight, it happens in small, incremental, daily changes.

And becoming the person you were created to be does not happen overnight, it happens in small, incremental, daily changes.

Anna Saucier

Enter personal routines that help you become the person you need to be in order to reach your goals!

It’s the beginning of anything that requires a routine in order to create new habits, so I’m focusing on the START of the day (morning routine), the START of my work time, and the START of my bedtime routine

I’m going to get personal on this one and share my real life routines to give you some inspiration (and grace to start just where you are right now!)

Here goes…

Morning Routine:

  1. Wake up with the first kid,
  2. Say a short prayer of blessing and thanksgiving,
  3. Drink a large glass of water (before food or coffee.)
  4. Go for a solo walk or run after my husband gets back from his 🙂
  5. Breakfast, dressed, and ready to begin my work time at 7:30am

My morning routine has to be very simple and doable around kids occasionally needing help getting back to sleep in the early morning. 

Work Routine:

  1. Write down first value-creation task to work on for X amount of time on sticky note,
  2. Open laptop, 
  3. Make sure email and social media are closed,
  4. Insert headphones,
  5. Turn on upbeat music,
  6. Begin task.

It’s amazing to me what a HUGE pull it is to check email right away. That was my routine for SO long. But when I do, I get sucked into other peoples’ priorities and suddenly an hour has gone by before getting MY #1 priority done first.

Evening Routine:

  1. Plug in phone for the night after the kids go to bed,
  2. Tidy up the kitchen and living room,
  3. Make cup of tea,
  4. Sit on couch to journal, then read,
  5. Start bedtime routine at 8:30pm
  6. To bed at 9pm

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t get any of these routines perfect. But perfection is not the goal.

Growth is.

Even practiced at 80%, routines help to remove the decision fatigue of constantly trying to figure out what to do next. 

They help our brains get the consistency they crave. 

They help those around us know what to expect.

They help us practice good habits.

And they create space in our brains for creativity, flexibility, resilience, and growth.

What personal routine are YOU going to work on next?