Want to preserve energy and create new healthy habits?

Anna Saucier Mindset

As a parent, I know that creating and sticking to boundaries with my kids ultimately makes my life much easier. Because they know what to expect, the nagging stops, and we all save precious energy when we’re not in constant negotiation mode.

Guess what?

It works for me (and you), too.

Your brain craves order and routine. When you don’t create boundaries in your day and in your week, your brain will use your precious energy working to create order from chaos. And constantly pushing the boundaries of your priorities.

When I do my annual planning, I lay out “non-negotiables” for myself that will help me to reach my goals for the year, preserve energy, and create healthy habits.

Reaching goals is not a result of working harder and longer and doing more stuff. It’s a result of BEing and BEhaving differently.

Anna Saucier

Because as multiple variations of the old saying goes… if you want to be where you’ve always been, do what you’ve always done.

Here are my 2020 non-negotiables that are coming with me into 2021:

  • Not working weekends.
  • Not working evenings.
  • Keeping email and social media closed while working.
  • Drinking 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning (before coffee or food). 

For me, the first two were HUGE changes. I used to work HOURS in the evenings and most Saturdays catching up on everything I didn’t get done during my work day. But both of these habits were 100% contrary to my top priorities of care for self, spouse, and kids. 

So I knew I needed to go cold turkey in order to make decisions differently. Taking nights and weekends completely off the table forces me to make decisions differently during my work time.So, I have a challenge for you. Try ONE new non-negotiable. What line in the sand are you going to draw, starting now, in order to preserve energy, protect your priorities, and reach your goals?