Ya gotta have tools and tech when you're running a business.

Here are my top recommendations -- my team and I use these every day.

FYI I’m an affiliate for some of these, so if you sign up I may well receive a commission.


Email lists, payment processing, page building, wouldn't ya love to have everything in once place?

Yep, Kartra does it. Well, it doesn't do EVERYTHING, or you wouldn't need these other tools ;). But it does A LOT.

  • Course/membership software
  • Email list management (and has top deliverability rates in the industry)
  • Checkout that integrates with Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and Braintree
  • Page builder (one of the best drag-and-drop builders I've ever used)
  • Affiliate system
  • Funnels and Campaigns
  • Video hosting

I pretty much run my entire business off of Kartra and highly recommend it.

Check it out here

Bonus offer: If you sign up to Kartra through my affiliate link (that button up there), I will run a live session with you and show you how I do things in Kartra and advise you on your first steps. Just email us here with the email address you signed up with and once we’ve verified that you’re part of our affiliate list, we’ll schedule a time.


If we're talking about smooth all-in-one platforms, I always bring up Acuity. Not only does this give you hands-off scheduling for your clients and meetings, it provides built-in payment at time of scheduling. No more chasing clients for payment and a lot fewer no-shows. Here's what else Acuity offers:

  • Gift certificates, packages, memberships and group classes
  • Payment plans and subscriptions
  • Fully customizable emails and text reminders
  • Sync your calendar, both ways
  • Online payments through Stripe, Square, or PayPal
  • Integrate Zoom to automatically generate a new meeting link for every appointment
Check it out here


No favorite tools list would be complete without our beloved Canva. Easily design images, workbooks, social posts, and even videos in minutes.

Check it out here


I LOVE using Streamyard to go live -- on Facebook pages, in groups, on YouTube, or to any private streaming platform. It allows me to preschedule lives, easily host guests, and pull up questions and other notes on the screen.
You can also use it to simply record without streaming.

Check it out here

Bonus offer: use my affiliate link above and get a $10 credit


Looking for an off-Facebook community tool? I'm using Circle for my high-level mastermind and they love it! Discussions, likes, comments, DMs...we stay connected there on our own terms without getting distracted by endless social feeds.

Check it out here


Typeform is simply a beautifully designed and user-friendly form and survey tool.

Check it out here


Need to run payroll? Gusto is the easiest, simplest way to do it. They take care of EVERYTHING.

Check it out here

Bonus offer: use my affiliate link above and get a $100 visa gift card!


I am in LOVE with Searchie for delivering video content. It pulls recordings directly from Zoom (or we can upload,) and automatically transcribes them and creates subtitles. We then embed the video link on a website and my members can search by keyword and go directly to what they're looking for. Or, they can download the complete transcription.

Check it out here


This is where I purchase and keep track of domain names and DNS.

Check it out here


Host your own business email here for free for up to 5 email addresses.

Check it out here


Trello is like having a huge whiteboard on your wall with a whole bunch of organized sticky notes. Doesn't that sound awesomely fun? 🙂
This is where I keep my "second brain," and organize all of our social media content.

Check it out here