The three Ws of intentional goal-setting

Anna Saucier Business Growth

I operate from the belief that we are each created for a purpose.

We have a unique genius inside. 

An unrepeatable combination of our given gifts, personality, environment, struggles, experiences, and outlook.

I believe that this is an organic genius. It can change and grow. But it is always unique, and is incredibly powerful.

World-changing powerful.

A powerful genius that, when you are living and breathing it, you are giving your best self to the world. You are who no one else can be. Ever.

Anna Saucier

But here’s the “but.” 

You cannot live your unique genius without intentional goal-setting. 

Intentional goal-setting means identifying:

1) WHAT you’re going to do, 

2) WHY you’re going to do it,

3) and WHO you need to become in order to get there.

(NOTE: When you’re in goal-setting mode, forget about the HOW. That comes later.)

It’s usually not too hard to sit down and write out #1 and #2. 

#3 is often difficult to identify and implement. But is arguably the most important.

Because in order to be the person you were created to be you must say no to being other things.

And some of those other things are habits that need to change. Many of them are small and seemingly insignificant. 

Reaching big goals is almost never about big actions. It’s about building a big, strong pile of a lot of little daily and weekly actions.

Here are some examples of identifying WHO you will be in order to intentionally reach your goals.

  • I am going to be a person who gets enough sleep so that I always have my maximum best energy the next day.
  • I am going to be a person who drinks 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning so that I begin the day taking care of my body.
  • I am going to be a person who does not work on the weekends so that I am dedicating time for rest and family relationships.
  • I am going to be a person who fully utilizes my resources and minimizes time and energy spent doing things that are outside of my zone of genius.

To clarify, this is not about making yourself into someone else. 

It’s much more about uncovering your unique genius by creating the space you need to fully become who you are.So, tell me.

Who are you going to be a year from now?