One thing I’m doing wrong

Anna Saucier Business Growth

In 2019, I attended an amazing conference where I got to learn from and network among some of the top online marketers in the world, including Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, and Jeff Walker. 

I was incredibly honored to be invited on stage in front of 900 people to share the story of starting my business to serve fertility awareness educators and how I’m impacting the world through my work. How crazy cool to share a stage with amazing mentors and influencers! 

Of all my takeaways from this conference, one thing stood out above all else and called me on to something I am definitely NOT doing well.

You ready? Cuz this is a biggie.

The success of your business is determined by how you show up when you’re not selling or serving. 

Are YOU showing up and providing value to your audience (your potential clients) long before you make an offer to them?

This is definitely an area in which I was called on and determined to change.

What does this mean, practically? 

It means that you show up consistently — in their email inbox, on the social media channels they frequent — sharing your knowledge and expertise, so that they can make progress and get results BEFORE you ever invite them to work with you.

“But, Anna,” you may be thinking, “if they get results without me, they won’t buy from me.”

Some of them, yeah. And that’s A-OK.

Most people, if they are YOUR people, will make progress, get results, and then realize that YOU are the perfect person to guide them through getting all the way to where they want to be. 

Most people don’t actually WANT to keep doing this alone. They want a guide.

And because YOU’ve helped them begin and already make progress, guess who they will choose to guide them?

People will buy from you when they know, like, and trust you. 

So, show up. Be you. And show your people how to take an actionable step forward right now.

Take just a piece of what you teach in your entire program, and teach it for free — on social or to your email list. Do this consistently. Weekly. Then watch what happens.

I’m making a commitment right now to showing up more consistently for you. Because showing up for the people we serve matters.

Let’s do this together.